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Like all good things, my time in the Peace Corps had to come to an end. However, it wasn't exactly the end I was expecting. On a Sunday night, we received word from the director of the Peace Corps that all volunteers globally would be evacuated due to COVID-19. By midday Monday, I was on my way to the capital. It was extremely hard and painful to say goodbye to everything and everyone I have known over the last two years in a couple hours. Although I didn't get the chance to leave how I would have liked, I know that that won't be the last time I ever set foot in Las Vegas and even while I am away, I will always carry a piece of Costa Rica with me.
This photo is a picture of me doing my "gong-out" speech in San Jose shortly before we all boarded our planes back home. Gonging-out is a tradition in Peace Corps Costa Rica where we get to make a short speech in the Peace Corps office to comment on our service and thank everyone we have met along the way. Then we hit the gong to symbolize our time in the Peace Corps coming to an end. It may seem like a small thing, but it was very important to me and I am very happy that I was able to do my gong-out and get the closure I needed during a very chaotic time.